Saturday, August 3, 2013


Three months since receiving our call and two days from the MTC! Max retired and we went to Maryland to see Katie and her family. We've been playing, working in the garden, fixing up the house, going out to eat, deciding what to take, and having our portraits taken.

We went to San Diego with our daughter Emily and with our son David and his family and had a nice, relaxing time, seeing the sites and enjoying the beach. Mary and I drove to LA one day to check out the LA family history center and met a few of the missionaries. Its a wonderful facility. We will enjoy our work there.

Emily will be staying in our house and taking care of things while we are gone. So we had some work done. Fixed the rain gutters and added ceiling fans to three rooms. Because we pulled the plug on Comcast TV, internet, and phone, we had to make other arrangements for each and ended up adding an antennae for broadcast digital TV, added a Clear 4G system for broadband, and acquired a Verizon home phone, so we can take our home phones and phone number with us.

We also planted a garden, with Emily's help. We've had broccoli, herbs and raspberries already and Emily can enjoy the zucchini, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, and peaches when the are ready.

Last week we took Emily, David's family and Laura's family to Midway, UT, for a week-long vacation. It was interrupted when we all returned to Murray for a sacrament meeting where David's son, Sam, spoke prior to going on a mission to North Carolina. He did a nice job. He will enter the MTC in four days. In Midway we swam in the condo pool, hiked, fished, flew kites, visited the Homestead crater, played games, watched movies, and ate together. The younger members of the family skateboarded, in-line skated, and rode scooters, while the girls and Max went to the outlet mall.

It was nice and relaxing.

Mary and Mary spoke in our sacrament meeting last Sunday. Most of our children and grandchildren were there. We also had three of Max's sisters and their husbands and four of Mary's brothers and sisters and their spouses.

This week has been busy with dinner and lunches with family and friends, packing for the MTC, and getting ready to pack for the trip to Los Angeles.

We will go to the Stake High Council meeting at 7:00 AM tomorrow, go the church at 11:00, and have the Stake President come to our house tomorrow evening to set us apart. We will arrive at the MTC in Provo Monday morning between 9:30 and 10:00 and stay there until Friday at 3:30. Then we will come home to finish packing and loading the car. We plan to leave here Saturday morning and drive to St. George, then leave St. George Monday morning for the six-hour (depending on the traffic) drive to LA.

Our preparation is guided by a personalized web page that tells us what to do before the mission:

  • Have a temple recommend
  • Re-read the Book of Mormon
  • Watch The District, a six-episode TV program showing missionaries at work
  • Complete the profile
  • Study Preach my Gospel, the missionary manual
  • Read The Missionary Handbook
  • Learn about Family History
We will keep you posted.

Mary and Max