Sunday, January 25, 2015


Much has happened since the time of our last post and our time here in the CLAM has nearly come to an end. It this a metaphor for life? Maybe. But we don't think are done living just because the mission will soon end. At least we hope not.

So, what's happened since November? How about a pictorial tour of the past two months?

November 10 - Hiked to the Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory
On the trail
Almost there
The long trail seen from the Observatory
Lunch in Chinatown afterwards 
November 26 - The Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple in Pacific Palisades

November 27 - Thanksgiving dinner in the Patron Apartments multipurpose room

Waiting for the turkey

November 28 - Big Bear Lake

Boat ramp and dock
The lake with ski resort on the mountain
Some birds
December 13 - Westwood Ward Christmas Party
Mexican dancers
December 27-January 1 - Family Reunion
David's family and Jenny at the Venice Canals
Jennifer Hong
Laura on the beach at Marina Del Rey
David's family at the beach
Connor playing in the sand

Hallie making sand castles
On the screamer at Disneyland
Emily at Disneyland
Katie at Disneyland
At Disneyland
At Toon Town
Erin and Alex waiting in line
Up a tree at Point Vicente 
Matthew wants to play football 
Up a tree at Point Vicente
Connor and Hallie at Point Vicente
Matthew and Carolyn whale-watching at Point Vicente
Point Vicente

Eating Titos Tacos for lunch in the condos
With the Hong children
Joshua, Matthew and Jennifer playing ping-pong in condo
Los Angeles Temple
Max and Mary with the grandkids at the temple
After they all went home, we have spent our time working at the Family History Library and going out with others to eat.

One Monday we went to the Reagan Presidential Library, had lunch, got an inside tour of the archives, and a special tour of the museum with one of the docents who we know. It cost us, however; Max was the guest speaker at the monthly docents' meeting.

One Friday we went with a local couple who are church service missionaries to see some of the sites we haven't yet seen. We visited the San Gabriel Mission, then went to Pasadena for a tour of the Fenyes mansion and to see the Pasadena City hall. We then had lunch at Philippe's Deli, an LA institution since 1908; they have great french-dip sandwiches.  

Last Friday we visited the photo archives of Twentieth-Century Fox at their studio in Century City. A member of the Westwood Ward, the Elder's quorum president, showed us around the archives and the Fox studios campus, which begin on that site in 1937. It was very interesting.

Then last night the other Family History senior missionaries treated us to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. And tomorrow all of the senior missionaries will have their monthly family home evening, another time to say goodbye.  A church service missionary at the library will take us out to eat at Norms a week from Monday.

This will probably be our last blog from LA. We plan to leave here Thursday morning, February 5, drive to Glendale, Arizona, where we will stay for two nights. We plan to visit with Mary's brother, Richard and his wife, Vicki, the snowbirds, and with a senior couple who went home to Gilbert last year. We will also visit the Gilbert and Phoenix temples before leaving for St. George. We will be there Saturday night and drive to Salt Lake City on Sunday after Church.

Love you all!  See you soon.

Elder and Sister Evans