Sunday, April 28, 2013


Our grandson, Samuel, who submitted his missionary application the same day we did, got his mission call last Wednesday. He is going to the North Carolina Charlotte mission. He leaves for the Missionary Training Center on August 7, which is what we put in our application as our availability date. We were on the way home from a short trip to St. George when he called us with the news.

And, our bishop, who monitors these things online, checked today and let us know that we have been "assigned," meaning that we should receive our call next Wednesday, May 1. We've invited family to come watch us open our letter and together find out where, and when, we will go.

The countdown is now about two weeks from Max's 70th birthday; five weeks from his retirement; and ?? weeks from the mission. We are getting pretty excited, and a little scared.

Here's a photo of our flower garden from last week.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


What do you do when waiting for your mission call?
Well, we enjoy the Spring flowers growing in our front garden

and our forsythia bush in bloom.
 And we watch General Conference, here in the Conference Center Sunday afternoon.

Max works every day at the Church History Department (eight more weeks). Mary continues to serve as a Church Service Missionary two days a week at the Family History Library. She is also working at home organizing her genealogy papers and documents.

We also tended Laura and Jared's kids Friday night so they could go on a date.

Becky and their children went to St. George for Spring break and used our condo.