Thursday, August 8, 2013


We arrived at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT, on Monday at 9:30AM as planned. The first thing we learned, before we parked the car, was that we would be housed in the Marriott Hotel in downtown Provo for our five days here.

After getting our card keys, which double as ID cards and meal tickets, and our black missionary badges, we had several orientation sessions, went to lunch in a very large cafeteria with a few thousand young missionaries; young men and not a few young women. There are a lot of choices, to suit any taste. We had a meeting with the MTC president and learned that the 128 senior missionaries is the largest group ever to come to the MTC at the same time. We were also each assigned to a mission district, in our case, consisting of four couples from Oklahoma, California, and Oregon and going to the Philippines, Delaware, and Australia. We then came to the hotel and unpacked, then got ready for the next day.

We started our training on Tuesday. We have large group instruction, small groups with our district, and practicum sessions with volunteers from the community. It has all been very good and useful, even though ours is not a proselyting assignment.

Wednesday was the day for the new young missionaries to arrive, almost 1,000 that day! Our grandson was among them so we went to the arrival place hoping to catch a glimpse of him Sure enough, we got to see him and say hello before he was rushed off for his orientation. His mom got this photo.
Isaac Evans, Max Evans, Samuel Evans, and Mary Evans, at the MTC when Sam arrived.
 We also saw him twice today in the cafeteria. He is doing well and seems happy and confident.

We are getting to know a lot of nice senior missionaries and making good friends. We will miss them when we leave tomorrow afternoon. We will drive back to our home in Salt Lake, finish packing, then load the car Saturday morning. We will drive to St. George Saturday, stay Sunday, and then leave for Los Angeles Monday morning. We expect to arrive in the afternoon.

Mary and Max