Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fish Lake

Okay, here are some photos from our recent trip to Fish Lake:

This is from August 4, 2008.
Mary bought a fishing license one day, so we had to go out and buy a pole and tackle. She went
with David's family, fishing off the shore at a place where the little yellow perch were biting. This is Mary's first fish. Lincoln caught about 10, and Julia and Mary a few more each the first day, and they all caught more the next day. The daily limit on perch is 50 per person per day, so they are very plentiful. We cleaned and cooked and ate them one night. They are tasty, but bony.

David helping Mary net another one.

Here is the family at the motel. From the left, Annette's daughter, Amy; then Julia, Becky, Samuel, David, Isaac, Max, Lincoln, and Mary.